Pounders are a rock/pop-punk power trio based out of San Jose, who’s style blends infectious melodies, catchy hooks, driving bass lines and snappy rhythms. The staple of the band is by far their live performance and the amazing energy they display to their audience. Imagine Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day) with Travis Barker (Blink-182) laying the foundation of the music, mix in some heavy Les Claypool (Primus) influenced grooves of a self-proclaimed “Bass God,” and you have the wonderful formula that makes up this fabulous trio that literally owns the stage with their electrifying stage antics, creating buzz each time they perform, and leaving audiences longing for more.

With the release of their album “Chasing The Sun” in Winter 2010, Pounders have been persistent in getting their music out to the masses. They’ve had two singles in rotation on Live 105’s Soundcheck and they released their debut music video for the album’s namesake single, filmed by San Jose filmmaker Frank Door of Element 151, plus they shared the stage with Mike Herrera of MxPx at their own CD Release show last December. Once you see them at LCL, you too will be DOWN TO POUND!


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