Benjamin Henderson and Friends

Benjamin Henderson is no stranger to Left Coast Live. He’s performed our festival the past two years with his band Good Hustle and we love having him! Ben is well known in our community as “a bandit with a heart of gold.” He’s an amazing artist who’s songs eclipse all genres of music, telling his listeners stories with beats that everyone can dance to. He’s magnetic on stage with a powerful voice and an obvious musical talent that spans over various instruments. His passion and energy is undeniable and his stage presence unforgettable. Ben has released two EPs in the past 3 years; Dirty Birdies in 2008 and Get Me Wrong in 2009.

Chosen by local paper Metro as Best Singer/Songwriter in 2010, we are proud to have Ben perform at LCL this year with his friends Endika Currier (Panthelion) on bass, Anthony Olyaee (Dark Heavens) on drums, and Dan McKee (Good Hustle, Runaway 5) on backing vocals. Metro also did a nice feature on Ben a few years back that really let’s you know more about the man behind the music.


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